​​Employee Group Benefits

An organization benefits program is a significant piece of their total compensation program.  Outside of payroll, it’s usually the largest financial investment an organization makes in its employees.  We help organizations through comprehensive benefit review with our state of the art data algorithms.

We partner with organizations to evaluate their employees’ healthcare plan.   Together, we craft a strategy that provides you and your employees the best plan available.  Our advisors will continually review the organizations health care plan and help ensure compliance with the Affordable Care Act.  Based on the information provided.  At Oxford Healthcare Solutions, we give you answers and information in a format that is easy to understand and act on.  Call our licensed plan advisors today for a free analysis and quote

Individual Benefits

• Health Plans

• Vision
• Dental

Life Insurance


• Group and Self-Funded Health Plans

• Vision
• Dental
• Gap Insurance (to cover high deductibles)

• Life Insurance