Business Plans

The health insurance landscape for small businesses can be confusing. Owners are grappling with changing premiums and complex Affordable Care Act (ACA) provisions. Oxford Healthcare Solutions explains the coverage options for small businesses.

Businesses with fewer than 50 full time employees have two basic options, individual coverage or group health insurance. Under the Affordable Care Act.

Group Insurance Plans

Let’s start with group plans, where the employer purchases the policy and offers it to eligible employees and their dependents. The cost for these plans is usually split between the employer and the employee.  While providing a group, plan maintains the familiarity for employees.

Every business owner must evaluate their specific situation to determine which option is best for their company and employees; however, trying to navigate the complexities of ACA isn’t easy. There are a variety of different requirements, exemptions, tax credits and subsidies to consider, and that doesn’t even cover comparing the plans themselves.

At Oxford Healthcare Solutions, we strive to assist small business owners navigate the health insurance market, by providing information through our licensed insurance advisors located in Washington State. Why not let us help? With just one call to one of our advisors, Oxford Healthcare Solutions reviews your options and answers your questions to find solutions that fit your needs.

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